Fertility & Infertility Treatment And Research Center In Hyderabad

Female Infertility

The Common cause of infertility in women includes the problem with ovulation, damage to the uterus or fallopian tubes and problems with the cervix. Even age can contribute to infertility because of women, therefore before fertility decreases naturally

It Causes due to:

A hormone imbalance
A tumor or cyst
Intense exercise that causes a significant loss of body fat
Extremely brief menstrual cycles
Alcohol or drug use
Thyroid gland problems


Surgical richness medicines incorporate operations to repair hereditary deformities and evacuate grips, polyps, pimples, and other anomalous tissue developments.

In Virto Fertilization:

Another ART, with this richness treatment, eggs are expelled from the ovaries and prepared with accomplice or contributor sperm in a research center then put in the uterus to develop. A few ladies need to take ripeness tranquilizers too.

There are many reasons for female barrenness. Some are hard to analyze. They can be gathered into 3 general classifications: innate (acquired), gained and mental. Taking after are a portion of the more basic wellsprings of female barrenness.



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