Online Radiology Reporting Service

Get an Expert Opinion Without Leaving Home

Our online radiology reporting service, interventional radiology , remote radiology international second opinion radiology program offers patients access to leading specialists at UCSF Medical Center, no matter where they live. If you are facing a complex medical issue or difficult treatment decision, having a second opinion from a world-class academic medical center can provide valuable guidance and peace of mind.
UCSF has partnered with Grand Rounds to deliver this service. Because Grand Rounds , nightawk radiology takes care of gathering medical records and coordinating the review, the process is simple, convenient and completely confidential. Since everything is done remotely, there is no need to travel to San Francisco.
The fee for the service is $700. Please be aware that most insurance plans currently do not cover the cost of online second opinions.
Our remote second opinion tool can be very helpful if:
• You want a second opinion on your diagnosis
• You want a second opinion on recommendations for surgery or a complex treatment plan

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