Best Play School for Kids



Kids at a young age are very sensitive and every step for their growth has to be taken with extreme care and caution. After a couple of years, parents wish to put their children in a play school. However, they should remember that there is no standard age for all kids to be admitted to a play school. Also, until the age of 5 years, there should be no formal mode of instruction since it is the unstructured and social way of learning through experience that makes the best impact. The right age to send your kid to play school varies with every toddler with the level of independence that s/he has developed.

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Ideally, the right range for sending kids to play school is between 18 months and 5 years. Furthermore, it depends on various factors whether or not the kid should be sent to preschool or not. One of these factors is potty training. It is advisable that a kid should be sent to playschool after he is potty trained. Assistance, however, can also be provided to the kid in case he needs it. For this purpose, there are special staffs at the playschool for the kids.

Another important factor is the work status of the parents. If the parents are working, they wish to send their children to preschool earlier so as to keep them busy. For this too, independence of the kids has to be seen. They can also be sent to a day care center so as to give them complete attention in absence of the parents.

Between the age of 2 and 3 years seems to be the right time to send the kids to play school. This is the best time when they can learn through experiences and a strong foundation with a good learning experience can be made.

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