Concrete Precast Panels In Hyderabad

Pre-Cast and Pre-Stressed Cement Products:

The word concrete fences might seem confusing. It’s actually not the same as a concrete wall. Concrete fences are not as heavy as walls but made of sturdier stuff. There are several uses for them, including security barriers, screening walls, perimeter fences, retaining walls, sound barriers, attractive enclosures, and equestrian fencing.

Currently, using precast molds is the most in demand method in use. Rather than build the fences on the spot, they’re cast off site, or made from molds, and then get attached to the spot later. Other changes in materials used and in the building process itself made to be more ecological. Examples of these are water-based release agents, recycled cementitious materials, and molds free of mercury and volatile organic compounds.

Precast mold is composed of recycled cementitious material, which can withstand up to 5,000 psi. Rather than the conventional trenching, it’s planned out like a pier instead. A hole is gouged out, then a post is set in & it gets filled with monolithic concrete. The piers are set four to five feet apart so that the fencing or walls can be squeezed in between. Walls can be built as high as 20 feet using this process.

If needed, you can have the concrete fences pre-stressed. For high rise structures like buildings, bridges, etc., pre-stressing is a requirement for it to endure constant pressure. For yourself, if you live in an area at high risk of earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, etc., this is for you. This is accomplished through the pre-arranged use of tension prior to assembly.

Precast concrete fences offer a lot of benefits. Thanks to the magic of precast, it can be made to look like wooden fences, brick or stone walls, these are precast boundary wall, readymade compound, precast walls, precast compound wall price, boundary wall cost, wall compound, precast concrete wall panels, prefab concrete walls, readymade walls, precast cement products, readymade walls for house, concrete precast panels, compound wall fencing, RCC wall, readymade compound wall, low cost boundary wall, readymade house walls, precast compound wall designs, farmhouse compound wall, cheapest boundary wall, ready-made brick walls, factory boundary wall design, RCC folding compound wall, fencing compound wall but cheaper than the real thing. Since the color was part of the casting process, you will no longer have to worry about its maintenance, as well as fading or cracking.

Precast concrete withstands anything, from water, fire, and even termites. Amazingly, precast concrete progressively gets stronger after installation. It doesn’t wear down from exposure to sunlight and is nontoxic. This makes it adaptable to most any weather condition. Inquire about precast concrete fences to use on your house and property now.

Raydeon Precast:

Raydeon offers precast building solutions for:

  • Compound Walls
  • Garden Curbing
  • Godown Sheds
  • Industrial Sheds
  • Labor Quarters
  • Office Buildings
  • Security Buildings

Raydeon delivers turnkey, hi-precision solutions by bringing architects, engineers, contractors, material suppliers and production planners on one platform to integrate their services right from the conceptual stage, as this is critical to the quality of the final product. Standardization being key, the quality of materials and the casting process are monitored closely and constantly.